Japanese syllables and katakana

The first step in learning Japanese[Volume2]

   07   Japanese syllables (4)  ナ, ニ, ヌ, ネ, ノ

When you click on the underlined katakana, stroke order is displayed.

   ..... as in number
   ..... as in need, but shorter
   ..... as in noon, but shorter
   ..... as in neck
   ..... as in no, but shorter

* The PDF file "Practice writing katakana" is prepared.
   Please print and practice.

Let's pronounce the Japanese words.

(1)  サヌキ,  コネコ

(2)  ノキサキ,  タノシサ

(3)  キヌイト,  イナサク

(4)  ネウチ,  ニオイ