The orthography of katakana

The first step in learning Japanese[volume2]

   01   Japanese vowels

The characters which show Japanese syllables are katakana and hiragana. In this section, we will learn katakana carefully.

      An example of katakana:  コ, ン, ニ, チ, ワ, ス, テ, キ

      An example of hiragana:  こ, ん, に, ち, わ, す, て, き

There are five vowels in Japanese. Japanese vowels stand alone as individual syllables.

When you click on the underlined katakana, stroke order is displayed.

  ..... as in sun
  ..... as in eat, but shorter
  ..... as in you, but shorter
  ..... as in ever
  ..... as in low, but shorter

Let's pronounce the vowels. Each vowel is pronounced separately.

(1)  ウエ, イエ, アウ

(2)  オイ, アイ, アオイ